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No, I don't.If she's going to live that lifestyle, she's not going to live here.Sinners don't get rewarded.Pack your crap and get the hell out of here until you decide to stop living in sin.
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Charlotte rises slowly and chokes back tears. She slowly walks out of the room. Casper shoves her past him. Tabitha rises and crosses to Casper and puts her head on his shoulder of begins to sob.
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In a dimly lit living room, CHARLOTTE HALLOWAY, an academically gifted high school senior, sits on a couch slumped over with her head in her hands. Her parents, TABITHA HALLOWAY, a tall and slender beauty who never has a hair out of place, and CASPER HALLOWAY,stern and greying, giving him a distinguished appearance, pace back and forth, gesturing angrily and shouting, in front on the coffee table.
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In a fashionable uptown Asian-Fusion eatery, a birthday celebration takes place. At the head of the table is ALICE HOWLAND, a woman who could be said to have it all: a high- flying academic career, a successful marriage, and three healthy grown children. She is whip smart, charming, undeniably beautiful. To her right is her husband, JOHN HOWLAND, also an academic, a bear of a man with a gleam of high intelligence. To her left is her oldest daughter ANNA HOWLAND JONES, a successful lawyer, and handsome husband CHARLIE. One chair at the table is conspicuously empty.
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INT. INT. Livingroom - evening

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