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Quick pitch

A comedy about a young English man who decides to embark on the adventure of a lifetime as a teacher in Japan. Having always had a lifelong interest in Japan and having always been a little out of place in Britain he decides he wants to experience the unimaginable.

Once on the other side of the earth in a culture he's struggling to understand he soon finds out that home isn't is as easy to find as it is to leave. His new friends soon become his surrogate family and he makes connections where he never expected he could.

Unfortunately, the less than ethical practices of the expoitative English chain school for which he works begins to make life a misery for his friends and coworkers. A decides that in a society that everyone deems to be sewn up, the last thing a large corporation is expecting is a single boy to take on an empire.

A starts a nationwide campaign to encourage his oppressed coworkers to bond together and resist the evil empire. As a flu pandemic hits Japan and the economic downturn sees his efforts start to take effect, his relationship with his school manager begins to suffer because she doesn't approve of his rocking the corporate boat.

In order to win a moral victory and the support of his loved ones he finds he has to do more than point out a problem, he's also got to suggest the alternative.

A struggles to take care of himself, his friends and his beloved Ai in an epic battle against the machine. He eventually realises that he's going to have to become a leader in the corporate society he rails against and starts his own English teaching empire from the rubble left after the collapse of his old nemesis. He hires his friends to teach for him and finally realises that home is here by Ai's side.

Home is more that geography, after all.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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