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Leaving off from episode one. The 4 souls are left in the hands of a terrorist organization.

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This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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NorthernOrbit added an action in "Hostage" on 03/20/2009. NorthernOrbit made 2 other changes. more
He points up to a wall over in the distance.
NorthernOrbit edited dialogue in "Hostage" on 03/10/2009. NorthernOrbit made 4 other changes. more
"Terrorist" 1
These men have crashed their whirly bird right into the palm of our hands!
NorthernOrbit added dialogue in "Hostage" on 03/09/2009. NorthernOrbit made 9 other changes. more
"Terrorist" 2
Brother, what is the problem?
NorthernOrbit added a slugline in "Hostage" on 03/08/2009. NorthernOrbit made 2 other changes. more
EXT. Helicoptor CrashNight
NorthernOrbit created this project! on 03/04/2009. more

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