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The 7th Saga

THE SEVEN TREASURES OF SURSURRUS So, who was Sursurrus, exactly? Legend states that Sursurrus was a powerful Wizard and a worker of many wonders in the First Age. He freed an entire people from slavery, he raised a lost king from the dead, and banished or killed many evil spirits. He was betrayed by one of his friends to the King of Demons and executed in public to serve as intimidation, but this sparked the Hell War which culminated in the King of Demons finally being defeated by Sursurrus' friends and the united peoples of earth. The Golden Chime - Sursurrus was said to be able to summon a terrible tornado using this chime for the purposes of travel or destruction. The Blessed Decanter - Whenever Sursurrus opened this water decanter it was full of water, and he could even produce an endless geyser with it. The Star Guard - This black breastplate, decorated with golden stars, protected Sursurrus from all harm, spraying white-hot sparks upon impact that could harm attackers. The Story Reed - Sursurrus told many tales to his friends and his followers. Whenever he did he always played this reed flute and could restore his friends spirits and kindle hope anew. The Berserker Sword (Tsukikuma) - Though Sursurrus was kind and gentle, he could be provoked to violence by great evil. Using this sword, Sursurrus vanquished many demons. The Gleaming Kettle - Before facing any formidable obstacle, given time to prepare, Sursurrus made strong tea in this kettle. It is said that in this way he could increase his magical power. The Shroud of Mists - Sursurrus often wore this grey cloak which he used to appear blurry and indistinct. From a distance he could become entirely invisible to the eye.

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