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Quick pitch

This is a script based on The Office's Michael Scott's script. While the whole script is never given, I've filled in what they gave and created the rest as best I could from what we hear of "Michael Scarn," Scott's famed improv character.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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davtho edited dialogue in "Enter: Scarn" 7 months ago. more
Michael Scarn
Catherine Zeta-Jones! Didn't I tell you to knock!?
davtho edited dialogue in "Enter: Scarn" 7 months ago. davtho made 5 other changes. more
Catherine Zeta-Jones
(covering face with folder)
Don't shoot, it's me, Catherine Zeta-Jones! I have some messages for you!
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dbadb edited an action in "Into the Base" on 11/22/2010. dbadb made 2 other changes. more
Unharmed, covered in copious amounts of gore, samuel approaches the remains of what used to be the guard and picks up a rectangular white key card.
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My plan is called "Whack it Off."

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