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Quick pitch

telepaths aren't really a telepath but he thinks he is, so he goes around having conversations in his head with the people he stares at, but not really.then meets another telepath and the both stare at each other as if having a conversation. he looks up and says " so, what were you saying?"

Project Type: Short Film (1 min or less)

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CalebSellers edited dialogue in "guy sitting at picnic table" on 01/29/2014. more
we've been talking since i sat down, you invited me to sit with you! weren't you paying attention? I was at the best part!
CalebSellers edited a slugline in "girl itting at table" on 09/01/2013. CalebSellers made 6 other changes. more
INT. Telepath is walking along a sidewalk in a park, when he sees a girl at a table.
CalebSellers deleted the scene "This is your first scene." on 08/14/2013. more
CalebSellers edited dialogue in "guy sitting at picnic table" on 07/21/2013. more
What are you doing?!
CalebSellers added an action in "guy sitting at picnic table" on 07/21/2013. CalebSellers made 5 other changes. more

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