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A group of friends is travelling the USA, via minivan. All their supplies come from the timed stops they make at gas stations along the way. Nothing is really planned; they're just following the road.

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gingerkid94 starred an action in "Day 1" on 02/24/2009. gingerkid94 made 3 other changes. more
Everyone stands after doublechecking their backpacks for their money and necessities. Chatting excitedly, they leave the house and pile into Vince's blue minivan (an odd gift from his parents).
gingerkid94 commented on the scene "Day 1." on 02/12/2009. more
its all good. I only write in computer class, and then i have like 5 minutes at a time. lol.
Num1hpfan commented on the scene "Day 1." on 02/11/2009. more
So sorry I haven't been doing anything lately. I've been busy with college and scholarship applications.
gingerkid94 added a slugline in "Day 1" on 02/11/2009. more
INT. minivanmid-afternoon
gingerkid94 commented on the scene "Day 1." on 02/10/2009. more
-LE GASP- false alarm. just changed back. fwew.

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