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A guy who keeps getting handed mixtapes from strangers.

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father (CONT'D)
Me and a couple of the youth pastors got together and laid down some tracks. It's getting a ton of buzz in the Christian rap community. Might really clear your mind. Lots of lyrics about finding yourself through Jesus, And selling xanax to minors. It even has a feature from our lord and savior Jesus Christ. He tears that shit UP.
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Johnson looks closer at the ticket and sees a CD with a note. "Yo check this shit out it's got 400 plays on Soundcloud. Thx." The CD is titled, "Fuck Police Brutality, Unless It's A Minority." Johnson screams and throws the CD at a wall. He gets into his car and drives away. \
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You mind checking this out for me? I made it last week and it's been getting pretty big in the streets. You know I value your opinion, Johnson.
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That's the beauty of it, Johnson! You don't have to tell the truth in rap music! Do you really think Iggy Azalea is "the realest?" No!

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