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This video will feature actual MNHS students as the link to each part of the video. The aspirations of each student will be included as text on screen to reinforce the ambition of those students to peers and parents. Researchers and teachers will also be used in a teaching context with text on screen to relay to the viewer their achievements in research and practice. We'll open with a drone shot of the campus and come down to a student. Each student will then 'tag' another student as they go to the different areas of MNHS including the Anatomy Lab, CAVE and others where the students will interact with other students and teachers. It will finish on a student coming back to a drone (not seen) which will then soar up and reveal the campus again before taking off.

Actual students will do more than link to the locations and research, they will inspire peers and parents with their aspirations and achievements. Using researchers and teaching staff in context with the students removes the need to commit text to screen to explain teaching as it's implied. Rather, text will be used to reinforce their research achievements.

Key selling points will be used from the outset and peppered throughout the video, in order:

- One of the largest schools for the education of doctors, nurses and midwives in Australia (drone shot)

- Number 35 university in the world for practical, clinical and health sciences (tracking shot following student to first class in anatomy with Prof McMenamin)

- Learn from leading researchers (e.g. Professor Paul McMenamin and his world-first 3D anatomical printing technology (inside Anatomy)

- Access to placements, internships including at The Alfred Hospital, one of the largest, busiest and most advanced emergency departments in Australia (inside The Alfred)

- Be part of an almost 40,000-strong alumni in over 90 different countries (as student walks to drone and is flanked by people pretending to be alumni)

- Almost 98 per cent of medicine students find work within four months of graduation (as drone takes off revealing student with alumni and looking up. Visually reinforces soaring employment opportunities) — mattmitchell two years ago

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