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David_P added dialogue in "SID'S INNOCENCE" two years ago. more
Radio Scanning (VO)
~Any politician will tell you what you want hear~police have just arrived at the scene~well it gets the stains right out~ wanna live in America? Don't believe everything you hear.
David_P added dialogue in "THE BANK OPENS" two years ago. David_P made 4 other changes. more
Radio scanning (vo)
~and the tenth caller will receive backstage~fired at a local~ will be playing the Mets tonight, oh, and this just in~the bank was only open for a few short min~"Two or three of them. I just turned around, walked away" 'You just left?' "I heard a gun!"~
David_P added an action in "THE END" two years ago. David_P made 95 other changes. more
David_P added a slugline in "SID AND FAMILY" two years ago. David_P made 10 other changes. more
INT. there's another pause as pete still can't look sid in the eye.
David_P added dialogue in "SID AND FAMILY" two years ago. David_P made 26 other changes. more
We're not saved...We're in hell. This is hell. This is it.

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