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yet again, i am trying to write another story.

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greenzollar added an action in "Marian likes to Smell" on 03/27/2009. greenzollar made 29 other changes. more
Both of them walk away... As they walk away. They pass Colm sitting on the bench, holding a flower and watching the crowd passing by. He has a interesting look on his face and gets up.
greenzollar added a new scene titled "A Sad Boy Gives a Sad Girl Flowers" on 03/27/2009. more
greenzollar added an action in "Kennaroo's Girl" on 03/26/2009. greenzollar made 41 other changes. more
Around the corner comes Corrine. Music begins to play and we see him flip out the flower from behind him and hand it over to her. They both smile and walk away together interlocked.
greenzollar added a slugline in "One for you and All for me" on 03/26/2009. greenzollar made 5 other changes. more
INT. The girls are excited that they received flowers. They put the flowers in a vase and begin working again. Some music plays and some time has slipped by. When suddenly a co-work comes in to get a drink.
greenzollar edited dialogue in "4 for the Girls" on 03/26/2009. greenzollar made 26 other changes. more
That will be 2.85.
(she is done with the order and turns)
Like Gregory! Douch!

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