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Everyone is huddled into the lobby and are being questioned by officers and administration, but everyone that was in the classroom understood that they where safe from any more disturbances in school.
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Now, listen
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After a few moments of confusion, the temperature in the room suddenly dips to a bone chilling degree and a blue, ethereal enigma floats across the room to one of the students in the front row. The spirit envelopes the student slowly being absorbed into their body. Once the spirit was fully absorbed, the student stands straight up and walks to the front of the class. Some students begin screaming and yelling for the teacher to come back into the room. The student in front of the room starts to dart their eyes around the room as though they are looking for something. The other students notice that the other student in the front of the room has something wrong with their eyes. They're both milky white.
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Hank swiftly exits the room in search of the nurse. The students in the room huddle around the teacher and student on the ground, all wondering what just happened.
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The student is unconscious and shivering as though they are freezing and their skin is very pale.

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