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They'll never figure it out. Police out here can't possibly be smart enough to figure out who did it. Took them a year to just figure out a simple gas station robbery and they had all the evidence right in-front of them.
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Tv Reporter
In more recent news, there has been a recent discovery coming from none other than in local Clearwater County High School. While construction workers were clearing out the area behind the school for a new expansion they stumbled on something quite strange to say the least.
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John begins to dig a hole into the ground. He digs till there is about a 3 foot grave that is long and wide enough to fit Oskar in. He steps out of the shallow hole and slowly place Oskar within the hole. He begins to throw the dirt back into the shallow grave with a somber look on his face. John eventually fills the grave up with the dirt patting it down making it seem flush with the ground around it. He glances around and notices a rock. He walks over to the medium sized rock etching the words 'Oskar' into the rock. He looks down at the crude writing
daltonasberry added dialogue in "Scene 3 - Cursed" a year ago. daltonasberry made 26 other changes. more
Now where did that spot go...
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John walks out of the door making sure to lock it behind him. John walks over to the car, pops open the trunk, and places Oskar's body within it. John then turns around and grabs a shovel that was leaning against the house and places it in the trunk next to Oskar. John then walks around to the side of the car to open the door and get in. He inserts the key into the car and starts the engine. John slowly pulls

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