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Mike slams the door shut. The clock chimes. It is 6:00 am.
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That can't be good.
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Two teenagers are walking down an abandoned street. They are being hunted by police because they broke into this house and the alarms went off. They come upon Freddy Fazzbear's Pizza. You can tell it has been closed for awhile. They peek through the windows of the restaurant and see a $100 bill.
MovieDimension300 added an action in "The Night Begins Terror" a year ago. MovieDimension300 made 30 other changes. more
Mike i in total fear. Slowly Bonnie walks out of the backstage room and into the party room. Mike is so scared, he is on the vurge of blacking out.
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Phone guy
Let's see uhh...Welcome to Freddy Fazzbear's Pizza: a magical place for kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life. Fazzbear entertainment is not responsible for damage, property, or person blah blah blah. That may seem bad but there's nothing to worry about. These animatronics get a bit quirky at night but I don't blame them. They've been here for 20 years. So just be aware: the characters do seem to walk around at night. They do that so their servos don't lock up. Kinda like free roaming mode at night. They used to wonder around during the day too, but then there was the bite of 87.'s amazing how the person can live without a frontal lobe, ya know? So ya they may see you as an endo skeleton every character must be in a suit. So ya they might try to forcefully stuff you into a Freddy Fazzbear suit. That would be bad because the suits are filled with crossbeams and animatronic devices. I wonder how that would work...that may may kill you. But anyway keep those doors shut, try to conserve power and... just...survive the night ok? Ok ill talk to you tomorrow! ok good night!

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