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Int. - Thursday night - the street outside of Eugene's home

TSeigle - two years ago

Eugene runs outside and looks back over his shoulder and stumbles into the middle of the road. Lights shine on him from a car the camera switches to the cars perspective you can hear brakes squealing as the car hits Eugene. The windshield is shattered and you can hear the body roll over the top of the car. The camera changes to Eugene's face his eyes wide open with blood running from his mouth. The song "The End" - by the Doors begins playing. You can still see the taillights of the car a few feet behind where Eugene's body lay. The driver door opens and the driver runs over and kneels next to Eugene's body and kneels down to see if he is still alive. After a few seconds the passenger door opens and after a few more seconds someone slowly gets out of the car and slowly walks over to Eugene the camera is still on a close up of Eugene's face so you can only see their feet. The person stops over Eugene's body. The camera pans up to the passengers face to reveal that it was the Grim Reaper like figure that was at the hospital. The camera starts to zoom out. The man on fire and the soldier with the deformed face walk over and join the Grim Reaper figure at Eugene's body all three of them staring down at Eugene. Neighbors start to come out side and some walking over to Eugene's body and you can start to hear ambulance sirens in the distant. The camera changes to a top view looking down on Eugene's body. The Grim Reaper figure turns and walks out of camera view followed by the man on fire a few seconds later and then followed by the soldier with the deformed face. After all three have left paramedics rush in with a stretcher. They kneel down and check Eugene's pulse and after a few seconds the put him on the stretcher and walk out of camera view leaving the small crowd of neighbors that were standing next to were Eugene was ten the camera cuts to black.

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