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timothy2000 added an action in "Finding Count Dracula castle" two years ago. timothy2000 made 2 other changes. more
he lights that torch and they all light up on both sides
timothy2000 added dialogue in "Finding Count Dracula castle" two years ago. timothy2000 made 4 other changes. more
count dracula
well thats done lets go in now and i will light the main torch on the right side wall
timothy2000 edited an action in "Finding Count Dracula castle" two years ago. timothy2000 made 6 other changes. more
Then Count Dracula shows up on a horse that is black has fangs with a cape on the saddle and it has red eyes with the devils star birth mark around it's right eye and has spikes all over the saddle the saddle is black the count Dracula get's down from his horse and then stands in front of them he then he pulls out a torch and lights it and then he turns around and looks at his riders and then he stares at them all of a moment and the he spoke this.
timothy2000 added a new scene titled "Finding Count Dracula castle" two years ago. timothy2000 made 7 other changes. more
timothy2000 edited an action in "scene 2 Vampire uprising" two years ago. timothy2000 made 3 other changes. more
The vampire goes into town then he goes to the middle of the town square he see's a building that outside of it he sees that their is a sigh on the outside wall it says here lies the powers of the greatest vampire of all time his name is the king of all vampires he will come back next halloween at midnight then he walks in side he sees the two chains he put on top of each shelf before they put him in his grave then after his flashback he jumps up on top of each shelf grave the chains and pulls down on the very hard the shelfs fall over on top of him then the building explodes open the his eyes turn dark red Then he names them all at once. you all shall get names now you are WAR you next to him are DISEASE next to him are MADNESS next to him you will further be known as DEATH. Now you are wondering why i gave you these names because they are very intimidating and also scary you also have power's and weapons and horses war you have a arm mounted canon that shoots a very painful laser and a chainsaw and you power is fire so is you horse,Disease you have a crossbow and you can spawn werewolf's and demons as well and same with your horse Madness you have chains with spikes on the end of each of them and can puncher people and kill them as well and most of them run in fear and they will scream in pain and that's all i know about all of you and let's ride and then the apocalypse riders of apocalypse summon their horses wars is on fire disease is part mummy madnesses has no skin on its body deaths has dragon wings and tail and is black

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