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larry_king_hood added a new scene titled "Scene 5" on 05/05/2009. larry_king_hood made 22 other changes. more
larry_king_hood added an action in "Scene 4!" on 05/03/2009. larry_king_hood made 11 other changes. more
Mr. Ohpall and Mr. Phrazzetta are creating new assignments. Phrazzetta is uneasy about what happened in the class earlier that day and decides to confront Ohpall about it.
larry_king_hood added dialogue in "scene tres" on 04/21/2009. larry_king_hood made 21 other changes. more
Mr. Ohpall
I will fucking dominate you, kid! Don't fuck with the Oh-to-the-P-A-Double L!
larry_king_hood added dialogue in "scene dos" on 04/19/2009. larry_king_hood made 24 other changes. more
Mr. Phrazzetta
Uh, what was that last part?
larry_king_hood edited dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 04/08/2009. larry_king_hood made 16 other changes. more
Principal Shoeman
Oh, thats actually what I wanted to talk with you about. Yer going to be gettin a Naete Mahor. He is...very...uhm...eccentric. You should certainly consider some psychological preparation, I think you will be needing it. Just a heads up.

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