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This is the Funkadelic Four's mrsa documentary script.

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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blimpyblues inserted an action in "MRSA documentary #1" on 04/25/2008. blimpyblues made 2 other changes. more
As each of the following words are said (MRSA, Methicillin, Resistant, Staph, and Aureus), they appear in bloodred on the screen.
sweetismarties edited dialogue in "MRSA documentary #1" on 04/23/2008. sweetismarties made 1 other comment and 18 other changes. more
Thank you, and please visit our website at mrsainfo.net for further information on MRSA.
blimpyblues inserted an action in "MRSA documentary #1" on 04/23/2008. blimpyblues made 12 other changes. more
Cut to:
rainiswet deleted dialogue in "MRSA documentary #1" on 04/21/2008. rainiswet made 22 other changes. more
Remember that MRSA is not out to get you – it’s just there! It has been around for about 50 years, and awareness – not fear – is the best way of preventing it.
blimpyblues edited the scene titled "MRSA documentary #2" on 04/19/2008. more

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