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Quick pitch

detective john partridge (judd) asks sean to kill beny

sean is following beny on a walk through the woods, looks innocent, sean is then shown to gain benys attention before killing him with a rock

sean lies about this in interrogation, says that benny slipped while trying to pick something up and hit his head on a rock, this will be shown as the narrative progresses

more interrogation, discrepancies arise in seans story, these are followed by flashbacks showing the true events

cut the flashbacks in between interrogation so relevant moments of the story are revealed by the police narrative first before being backed up by the flashback sequences

sean sticks to his story and is released due to lack of evidence, as he is walking away detective judd walks past him into the police station and talks to someone revealing he is a detective

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Trissy added a comment to murder script a year ago. more
Thus great so far. I really enjoyed it. There are a couple of places that don't make sense but that is porbably just because you weren't paying attentuon when typing. Do you mind checking oit my script. Its called the invasion and if you dont mind can you tell me what you think. And maybe give me some ideas for this part or the next parts. Thanks
JoDun added dialogue in "Scene 2" a year ago. JoDun made 125 other changes. more
very well, we'll be in touch.

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