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A girl named Jessica is murdered by her brother Paul because of jealousy. Jessica was more popular, did better in school and all their parents attention. These three aspects enraged Paul to the point that he murders her (he stabs her in the throat.) Neither Paul nor Jessica show up to school for some days so their mutual friend Arthur Doyle begins to investigate. Paul was a troubled kid and was known for using drugs, in turn he had an idea about narcotics, when Arthur arrives at Paul’s house he is offered a drink which results in him hallucinating as it was drugged. The hallucinations result in Arthur seeing all the events that led to the murder. After we see all the reasons that led to the murder we see the stabbing happening and the movie turns to black.

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Paul doesn't hear Arthur but he does hear the sound of footsteps in the other room. Cara walks into the kitchen to grab some food, she stares into the fridge for a second finding nothing. Paul is staring into the kitchen with a knife behind his back, Cara hasn't seen him. Arthur yells
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This might be the best soup I've ever had
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Paul find himself at the end of a dining table, we can see Cara and Paul sitting at the dinner table with two shadowy figures sitting further away.
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The whole world is blurry and slightly strange, Arthur is at the back of the classroom, one row ahead of him is Paul and right up at the front of the classroom is Cara. A teacher is holding a bunch of papers and silently passing them to a table.
sociopath__ added an action in "Phone Call Scene" a year ago. sociopath__ made 28 other changes. more
Arthur walks through the door to see a hallway that he is familiar with although the mood is very off. Looking to the right he sees someone lying down in a door way

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