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juliana crowe
I know. I know you're terrified. But I will be with you, right here beside you. Forever, Noah. Forever.
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NOAH nods and JULIANA takes him back inside. They make love one last time and once they are finished, JULIANA feeds from NOAH, draining him to the point of death. Then she bites a gash in her wrist and feeds NOAH her blood. He is Vampire now.
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Men and women dressed in Spanish 16th century finery are clustered in groups talking, or entering or exiting the Cathedral. A young man - NOAH HYATT - is sitting underneath an orange tree, eating a fruit. He is dressed conservatively for the time in all black; his flat cap is on the ground next to him. He is very handsome - black hair and beard and incredible blue eyes. JULIANA CROWE exits Cathedral after confession and approaches NOAH. He jumps to his feet and bows deeply to her.

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