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a cursed piece of music unleashes a zombie horde on music camp...

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lowks commented on the scene "Rehearsal and Awakening." on 02/03/2011. more
With his trembling hands Boy2 opens up the box, a chilly wind starts to blow out of nowhere as if the whole forest itself is disapproving of them opening up the box
jeffcarter edited the scene titled "Rehearsal and Awakening" on 02/03/2011. jeffcarter made 17 other changes. more
lowks commented on the scene "Arrival." on 02/03/2011. lowks made 1 other comment and 3 other changes. more
I see it like this, the boy gets left behind then decides to take a seeming short cut to try to cut back on to the trail. They get hopelessly lost and falls into a hole in the ground under a tree.

There they find a old vinyl record badly scratched. On the cover of the record are some scribblings that they can barely read.
jeffcarter edited dialogue in "Discovery" on 02/01/2011. jeffcarter made 17 other changes. more
boy 1
What's in it?
jeffcarter deleted an action in "This is your first scene." on 02/01/2011. jeffcarter made 35 other changes. more
They all exit.

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