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A boy of 18 moves to a new town for his senior year, and does not talk. Through his silence, he meets and befriends many, and also learns several life lessons along the way, as his peers try to get him to talk.

Project Type: Feature Film

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As Lucy rides off, Brendan stands, still amazed by what just transpired. He looks around, and then looks off into the direction where Lucy sped off. It is clear that Brendan wishes for something to happen between them, but for now is content with the chase, which he continues by grabbing his bike and speeding after Lucy.
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The two of them laugh, and Brendan is content having finally found a person who understands.
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Marvelous, isn't it? The beautiful pastey white walls, the wonderfully drab furniture, it's everything I expected.
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Wow. That was a good song.

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