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A 15 year-old boy was born in a family, in which his mother abuses him while his father is an irresponsible man who does not support his family. The neighbor’s son then became the one who the boy will only talk to. The moments the boy spends with his best friends is the only meaningful moments he feels in his life. Progressively, they develop an ambiguous relationship that involves sexual interactions. When they start to discover the hidden sides of their personalities and their friendship, the boy’s parents get divorced and he moves away with his father. In a new town and a new school, the boy can’t find another person to take his best friend’s place. so he decides to change himself in order to run away from loneliness. Not a long time later, he fits himself into a group of 3 teenagers same age as he is, in the school. There, he finds a new way of living and a new self, but never the true one. From then on, he steps on the road to perdition.

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