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Two rivals must endure each other’s presence until one awful day escalated their fury and landed them in an uncomfortable impasse.

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malford edited an action in "Ascension Academy" on 02/02/2015. more
MADY and the MICHIKA enter the orchestra room and pick up the new music. MICHIKA holds one end of the music and lets the rest fall to the floor (it is a very long piece).
malford edited a shot in "Mady's House" on 02/01/2015. malford made 44 other changes. more
malford edited a shot in "The Principal's Office" on 01/25/2015. malford made 130 other changes. more
malford edited an action in "Mady's House" on 01/20/2015. more
GIRL is putting her heap of things into the car when her viola slips off of her shoulder, and the peanut butter sandwich falls off onto the street. When the girl goes to pick up the sandwich and the case, the milk spills all over her shirt. Annoyance should be obvious. She sets the cup of milk on top of the car and finishes putting the rest of her things into the car (into the back seat: backpack, viola, books, lunch; into the front: the sandwich). Goes inside.
malford added a shot in "The Principal's Office" on 01/16/2015. malford made 61 other changes. more

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