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Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Troubled times taint their love. Torment. Twists. A tale that shows how so many lives are entwined and that just one person can effect so many around him. A story of saints and sinners, life and death, tortured souls and the devils of the past and present, art and love, pain and hate, the blurred line between hope and reality, doubt and sacrifice, the Hell we live in and the Heaven we hope for someday, fallen angels, and the demons that haunt us. We are all angels and we are all demons.

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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EveryRose edited dialogue in "Dates and a Proposal" on 05/13/2009. EveryRose made 3 other changes. more
Never ever. I'd never leave you. I promise. I swear. Cross my heart.
EveryRose deleted the scene "Love Hate" on 04/16/2009. EveryRose made 50 other changes. more
EveryRose edited dialogue in "Art Store Connection" on 04/16/2009. EveryRose made 74 other changes. more
I won't forget. Wait, how do you know my ex is stupid?
EveryRose edited dialogue in "Girl Talk 1" on 02/24/2009. EveryRose made 10 other changes. more
Not always, but I try. And I know, but it's why you love me back. I just wouldn't be me without my morbid mind.
EveryRose edited dialogue in "Girl Talk 1" on 02/24/2009. EveryRose made 4 other changes. more
There is a huge difference between a healthy outlet and an addiction. Emily, you were doing so well...At least I know why you are having such a hard time with your art. How can you expect to create anything when you are being so self destructive?

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