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O.S. Mother (Con't)
oh, that’s just great! He’s leaving without you, are you happy? Don’t come complaining to me when you get detention for being late again, I’ve had it up to here with your shit missy. You get out here right now, after everything I’ve done for you…
theatrestarkid added dialogue in "Act II somethin" a year ago. theatrestarkid made 117 other changes. more
Make me.
theatrestarkid added dialogue in "Act I - sc 1" a year ago. theatrestarkid made 27 other changes. more
You know mom, for someone who's so concerned with me being late you sure are keeping me from getting to school on time.
theatrestarkid added an action in "Act I - sc 1" a year ago. theatrestarkid made 11 other changes. more
Sound of a car starting in the driveway
theatrestarkid added an action in "Act I - sc 1" a year ago. theatrestarkid made 5 other changes. more
[YELLOW WALLS, A RED DOOR-closed, A CLOSET STUFFED WITH CLOTHES SPILLING OUT ONTO THE FLOOR] SHOT - We fade from black to Ammie sitting on her bed, we get a view of her back as she is stretching - CUT - Close on Ammie's black cat sitting in his cat palace - CUT - Rear three quarter shot of Ammie applying lipstick in a very stand out color, we don't see much (the back of her head blcking most of her reflection in the mirror) but her lips stand out - CUT - Shot behind Ammie wearing a slip/night gown looking at a wall of polaroid pictures or the like, he tilts her head to the side and slips off her dress - CUT - Close on hand grazing the contents of her closet - PULL OUT - to Ammie sitting down and looking through the clothes on the floor, as her hand grabs the shirt she'll wear --

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