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Quick pitch

Murder mystery. The King is horrible. Hated by everyone for different things. Gets stabbed by who???? Upstairs are aristocrats. Rich. Come together for a ( ). As play progresses, flashes between different conversations we discover who is related to who and why they hate the King. We find out whodunnit because of young maid servant (hero).
Beg: Everyone comes together. King gets stabbed.
Middle: Covos going on. Police can't find anything. Maid servant on the trail.
End: Maid servant discoveres whodunnit.

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NagleDramaFest edited dialogue in "scene 8" on 10/17/2009. NagleDramaFest made 12 other changes. more
lucinda off stage
To kill is such an evil deed, but perhaps, if only in this story woven with hate and decite, murder can perhaps, be justified. Yes , most people will forgive.
(Peter collapses)
His death, their gain. Blood was shed, and a prisoner set free. Yet the victim's memory looms about the house, haunting every crevice. Crawling into the mind of one young girl.
(Lucy puts her head up, looks out towards Annabelle)
Can she forget? Can she forgive?
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NagleDramaFest deleted an action in "Prologue" on 10/13/2009. more
hope-rain don't last starts playing
NagleDramaFest edited an action in "scene 8" on 10/13/2009. NagleDramaFest made 33 other changes. more
spot 5 goes out, light 13 comes on. music fades out. Lucy walks off.
NagleDramaFest inserted an action in "scene 2" on 10/12/2009. NagleDramaFest made 2 other changes. more
Lucy walks into the house with suitcase, many things are going on, looking around at the house and is amazed at the house and everything going on. everything is chaotic and the servants are making lots of noise. a servant approaches her (Boe). Noisy sound affects.

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