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There's a train that stops in a place called Cloverfeild near Long Beach, with a connecting train to Pheonix.
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I didn't tell you a lot of things. I still don't. I don't tell a lot of people stuff...actually I really only talk to you now.
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Holy crap! Kyle, it's six fifteen! [to herself] My parents are going to kill me.
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No, but I have to be home by six tonight, or else my parents'll go off at ME instead of each other.
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Mai looks to the right, recalling the coma she was in for a week, and the femur Kyle broke in three places. Every two weeks he would always come over to her house with a new color; there were fifteen new colors. Usually there were only twelve colors, but, again, he broke three different of the femur. She remembered having a dream that she woke up when she got to the hospital and when home with Ryan, and live out the rest of the week until she woke up. She remembered the feeling when she realized it was a dream, then when she realized that Ryan was dead. Her eyes started watering, but she bit her lip and held it back.

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