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A movie version of the game My Tribe.

Project Type: Television (Epic)

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Ethee added an action in "Building the houses" on 06/19/2009. Ethee made 5 other changes. more
Everybody gets working.
Ethee added dialogue in "Building the houses" on 03/17/2009. more
I got a good idea for a building. If only we had the right technology.
Ethee edited an action in "Building the houses" on 02/16/2009. more
SOPHIA tosses the star at the hut. But when it touches the hut, the house is clouded in sparkly yellow dust. When the dust clears, the house is 50% more complete!
Ethee edited the scene order. on 02/15/2009. Ethee made 11 other changes. more
matthewligon added an action in "Building the houses" on 02/10/2009. matthewligon made 13 other changes. more
While some people stay behind and work on the construction, others share the fish and eat it. Then they go back to constructing the house.

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