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LtLJack edited dialogue in "What i have become" on 08/30/2008. LtLJack made 10 other changes. more
There is only one thing that i hold so dear in comparison to Martha, and that is this list. As long as a demon's name is not on this list they cannot be killed, but however, they can be injured, they can be hurt so bad that they're on the brink of death without reaching that point. oh, your girlfriend, Sara, is also on my list.
LtLJack edited dialogue in "What i have become" on 08/28/2008. LtLJack made 2 other changes. more
Hello, I've set up this video to play after my death as well as many other things. i give all of you this warning. if you don't stop your corruption, i will be back and I'll bring my friends with me because a war is about to begin and humanity is not yet read to survive, let alone win.
LtLJack edited dialogue in "What i have become" on 08/27/2008. LtLJack made 15 other changes. more
(second letter)
I wish this all could have ended in a better way, if things were... no, there is no point in living on "what ifs" i won't be here any longer and i will keep my promise to you, Martha. Just like how Johnny said when that man comes around, I'll be there to show him, I'll be there to guide him, and I'll be the one to become him because i am death the destroyer of worlds.
LtLJack edited dialogue in "What i have become" on 08/26/2008. LtLJack made 36 other changes. more
it had to happen this way, jack. My name is also on that list. go to that grave and try to save someone else.
LtLJack deleted dialogue in "What i have become" on 08/25/2008. LtLJack made 15 other changes. more
No,Martha, they're not insignificant. if you have studied them as hard as i have, you'd come to understand their flaws as well as there strengths.

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