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Semi musical based on a post-rock, pop rock band in the late 80's, who loses an influential member, Wesley Keese, to drug overdose amid recording of the 2nd album.
This movie chronicles the group's disbandment in the wake of Wesley's overdose and the gradual regrouping of the band following the life changes in the bands' protagonist members, Al Chambers 'coughup' and Lesley Keese, twin sister of Wesley.

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In fron of him in a dainty, tiny room with a bed, a cooker and a shower to the left. There's a man on top of a woman. Or rather a boy on top of a woman.
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A story with the likes of "My mad fat diary" about a teenage girl growing up in suburban Accra with a very different perspective on life, boys and cars as opposed to the quintessential Ghanaian perspective of success and female demure bahviour
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