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Prescription Drug Abuse: Prescription Drug Abuse Kills

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Ghost_the_Toast edited an action in "Take 1: Wizard Buys Mana" on 11/12/2014. Ghost_the_Toast made 6 other changes. more
David and Bryan exchange the monies, Bryan runs off immediatley to do the Prescription drugs.
Dracnoro inserted an action in "Take 1: Wizard Buys Mana" on 11/10/2014. Dracnoro made 5 other changes. more
In 2002, the cost of substance abuse was estimated to be $181,000,000,000
Dracnoro edited dialogue in "Take 1: Wizard Buys Mana" on 11/07/2014. Dracnoro made 20 other changes. more
Dirty hippy, don't you know those things ruin lives!
Dracnoro edited an action in "Take 2: Math, the Early Years" on 11/07/2014. Dracnoro made 5 other changes. more
The camera zooms in on his face as he is delighted to discover... math. There are protractors and pencils and equations scattered about a cardboard box. Quickly taking the "drugs" he scuttles back to his room.
Ghost_the_Toast edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 11/06/2014. Ghost_the_Toast made 2 other changes. more
David is being shady along a shadowed part of a building's wall. Bryan approaches (dressed as a wizard) flashing his Monopoly money trying to incise the "Dealer" to show his wares.

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