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3 young adults who get left with a ruined business. This isn't just any business, it's a company that do operations on humans. In this case, 4 teenagers who are lying KO'D with a hell of a memory and growing fangs. These scientists didn't realise there designing modern vampires.... which are in the hands of young adults who cant even tie there shoe laces.

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He stands there on silent feet. Tall and gaunt. Flesh pale is milk.
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The older boy, his names Bates, 19 he is. Do you know him? Maybe you remember seeing him? Talking to someone, getting into a car?
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Cormac's piece-of-shit 1979 Camaro cracks through the roads, passing Hackberry's and lonely Paperbark Maple's.
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I love you too. Even though you scared me, jackass.
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'Oh, oh my god!

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