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Case gets up and pushes his way through the swinging doors. He glances back through the internally lit plastic doors as they come to a close, and he sees her face reflected in a cage of red neon.
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The camera shows a wide far away shot of Case interacting with Shin beside the seafood stall. Case turns toward the camera while tucking a pistol down the front of his pants, a visible limp as he makes his way toward the camera. By the time he is close enough so that the camera has to back up to keep him in the frame as he walks, Case has the last two buttons on his jacket fastened to conceal the butt of the gun. He reaches into his pocket and procures a octagon shaped pill. He pops it into his mouth and dry swallows. Now the camera is looking over his shoulder as it picks up the visual trails induced by the drug as he seems to float forward at an alarming pace. Everything zooms by as he makes his way through the streets.
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