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Quick pitch

A man, transported to the past, wakes up in some field 100 years before the moment he was knocked out and transported back. The city he was from was New Emkey, the first futuristic city in existence. Founded in 2114. Once he woke up, he realized he was no longer in his city, except, he was 100 years earlier, in some field in Wisconsin. It takes this man, Blake Red, quite awhile to realize where and WHEN he is.

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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Blake (CONT'D)
You missed...
(Goes in to give her a real kiss...)
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The family stands there, as Ruby stands in the rain, crying... The camera slowly zooms up from them. The family under the porch roof... The scene fades...
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(Looks at mini calender on a desk behind him. It reads, "OCTOBER 17, 2014"
(He runs frantically out of the bank)
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Farmer's Wife
Jim! What are you doin'? This looks like a naiice man...
(Here voice was incredibly country, but it was also like soothing honey to lips)

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