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INT. My group decided that we wanted to take on the biggest issue facing the United states today, the healthcare crisis. although disagreeing about how to handle the current situation, members of both the democratic and republican parties recognize to fix the growing numbers of problems in our country, healthcare must be ADDRESSED. healthcare costs are at a PREMIUM and the fact that uninsured people are taking a toll on every person paying for insurance is unacceptable. we need to adress this problem now before it becomes too late.
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In 1960 the United States spent only 5.2 percent of GDP on health care. By 2004 that number had risen to 16 percent. At this point America spends more on health care than it does on food.
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The fact is that this problem affects people all over the economic spectrum. The poverty stricken families of America have a hard enough time surviving paycheck to paycheck, add in a sick family member and it becomes nearly impossible. Simple allergy medicine can cost upwards of one-hundred dollars for uninsured people, money that many families just do not have. The first step to a better America is fixing the healthcare crisis.
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