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The Gas Man teleports inside the station. He gives a thumbs up to the camera and then disappears. The I.S.S starts to descend to earth. The camera moves to a window. There, in the darkness of space, is a gas mask floating. A figure flys and takes it. He then goes down to earth.
heyaaaheyaaa edited dialogue in "SEGMENT 4" on 11/23/2013. heyaaaheyaaa made 29 other changes. more
Gas man
Awakening Him. Then killing him.
heyaaaheyaaa edited an action in "SEGMENT 3" on 11/23/2013. heyaaaheyaaa made 22 other changes. more
The figure then jumps out a window. A few seconds later, we hear a boom and a building crumbles.
heyaaaheyaaa edited an action in "SEGMENT 2" on 11/22/2013. more
The camera goes into the darkness and the gas man comes into focus. He talks to the screen.
heyaaaheyaaa edited the scene titled "SEGMENT 2" on 11/22/2013. heyaaaheyaaa made 40 other changes. more

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