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Quick pitch

A 9 yr old boy who gets lost in his imagination and ends up saving the day.

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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nifkinka commented on the outline. on 08/01/2008. more
Thats a good point... how do we introduce a bad guy? Maybe the new janitor or someone working at the school.
loyanderson commented on the outline. on 08/01/2008. loyanderson made 1 other comment and 6 other changes. more
We need to introduce a bad guy (solo or with team working for him).

Need a scene with the house...
In the forum, nifkinka created a new post, "Kidnapping Plot" on 08/01/2008. more
nifkinka edited the outline. on 07/29/2008. more
loyanderson commented on the outline. on 07/29/2008. more
The house Kip grew up in is pretty ingenius, as the Father is a brilliant scientist responsible for several ridiculous inventions which he patented and sold for a fortune. His house has an attached lab, where Kip's father is always working, and into which the boys are never allowed to go for fear that it's "too dangerous," especially given all the accidents Kip has had, and the fact that his older brother is a troublemaker. Retina scanner does the trick to keep'm out. But the boys, being the chips off the old block that they are, are constantly looking for a loophole. So far their dad has caught'm before they've succeeded. Hole in the ground...concrete Floor... with iron casting added. Glass eye specialist... newer model retina scanner. What the heck does he have in there??!

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