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Eugene and Curtis were kidnapped as children by the evil Mrs Drake, who set them to work as furniture removal boys, later becoming furniture removal men. Incredibly, over the course of their work they have developped the ability to converse with the objects they are charged with removing. Each episode finds them trying to solve the problems, heartaches and unhappinesses of a variety of home furnishings, whilst saving them from the clutches of Mrs Drake (who uses the furnishings for firewood). Their ultimate quest however is to solve the heartache of Beaufort, the bed in which they both sleep, who longs to solve the mystery of his kidnapped sister. They barely have time to consider their even more ultimate quest; the riddle of their own identity...

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EXT. Breadman Lane — Day
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It was our third job, an old bed that needed shifting downtown. He'd seen a good few owners, old Mittineau, and he was probably prepared for the worst. It was with his last ounce of strength really that he reached out to us, that he gave us this gift.
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He's a cold-blooded monster Eugene! I don't know if I can go on.
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