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everyonewrites inserted dialogue in "Climax" on 07/26/2011. everyonewrites made 22 other changes. more
Tranquilizer. Remind me to buy you another chemistry set.
everyonewrites edited an action in "Opening" on 07/25/2011. everyonewrites made 14 other changes. more
We see a man in an art room getting ready for a class. kids start coming in. one of the students comes up to Jack's desk.
everyonewrites edited an action in "Climax" on 07/24/2011. everyonewrites made 47 other changes. more
Jack in hospital with his and billy's family, personality switches over
everyonewrites added an action in "Big event" on 07/24/2011. everyonewrites made 30 other changes. more
Jill leaves. jack waits a little, then peeks out at the hall, and then heads down the hall. as he leaves, we see an orange on the nightstand.
everyonewrites edited dialogue in "Climax" on 07/22/2011. more
CIA Jack
Glad you remember me.

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