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This movie is not anti-piracy movie at all. I

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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maroonwarrior edited dialogue in "Alley" on 01/26/2013. maroonwarrior made 2 other changes. more
Mind your own damn business, hater.
maroonwarrior commented on the scene "Parking Lot." on 02/16/2012. more
Like the rest of this short film will be, this part will be explicitly visual. Establishing shot of the scene of Jebari pandeling the movies and then transitions into closer shots of him getting denied. (Heavy audio and video cutting/editing showcasing frustration and time lapsing. When he finally finds an interested client, the camera will then go to more of a close-up of the two having the conversation. When the conversation is interrupted by Mika, the shots and editing should showcase the scene getting more tense. Close-up ESPECIALLY for the DVD being thrown at Jebari as well as the exchange between the two. Possibly a long shot/edit straight of Jebari's face.
maroonwarrior edited an action in "Alley" on 02/14/2012. more
Jebari walks into an alley nearby the parking lot to proceed to his destination. However, he runs into SHARITA, a lesbian that dress like a typical male, who is posted along the wall.
maroonwarrior edited an action in "Daryl's apartment" on 12/01/2011. maroonwarrior made 6 other changes. more
Jebari calls his friend, DARYL, the supplier of his DVDs, when he reaches the front of Daryl's apartment building.
maroonwarrior added an action in "Daryl's apartment" on 10/28/2011. maroonwarrior made 42 other changes. more
Before Jebari can finish his sentence, Sharita shoots and kills him. After killing him, she takes the dvd from the player with the case and then leaves the apartment.

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