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A rewrite of a play, NOAH AND HIS SONS, for a Theatre 101 final project.

Project Type: Skit (5 min)

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Yet for dread of a blow, Help thy damn.
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Win? no, but He that might has would remember their misery and admit them to grace. With His saints in sight; And His angels bright; May come to His light; Amen, for charity.
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THIRD SON: These weathers are so hidus with many a cold cothNOAH: We will do as ye bid. Now to the helm will I hent and to my ship tend.Page 60NOAH: This is a great flood, wife, take heed.WIFE: We are in great dread these waves are so wild.NOAH: Help, God, In this need! As thou has promised me!WIFE: This is a perilous case; help, God, when we fall.NOAH: This forty days has rain been.WIFE: The sun is shining in the East, we should have a good feast where these floods flit.NOAH: We have been here three-hundred days and fifty.WIFE: Yea, now wanes the sea. Lord, well is us!NOAH: I see the tops of hills high many at a sight. Nothing to hinder me, the weather is so bright!
Bella_Bekett edited dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 11/18/2010. Bella_Bekett made 29 other changes. more
Sir, for Jack nor for Jill will I turn my face Till I have on this hill spun a space On my rok
; Well were he, might get me, Now I will down set me, Yet reede
I no man let me
(stop me)
, For dread of a knock.
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