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Anyone can join this project. It's a story about a guy who loved this girl and is trying to find revenge. Set in a college city/campus, and no longer than 7-12 minutes.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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AdityaMohan edited dialogue in "Scene 1 - Background" a year ago. AdityaMohan made 2 other changes. more
I don't know why I came here. It's not like it feels better when I'm here. The back alleys are better. You can hide in them.
dpvtank added an action in "The Clues" on 05/16/2008. dpvtank made 35 other changes. more
He goes in the bedroom, in the kitchen, looks around the floor, but gives up and sits on the couch. It doesn't feel right. He lifts the cushion and finds a disc.

Anyone can join this project.


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