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In the pilot of Noir and Peace (title pending), protagonist Jay Fatalle, a south-Chicago private detective in the late 1950s, responds to a house call with his younger partner Dusty O'Malley. Upon arriving at the house, the speak with the uber sexy widow, Florence Louise. Florence thinks the "accidental" death of her husband was a murder. She thinks the gardener did it. Dusty calls BS on the whole thing, but they go to inspect and discover the gardener is already dead. So they suspect it was Florence exacting revenge, however when Jay returns to the Louise house, Florence has an alibi. Then obviously, Jay and Florence have sex. So back at square one, the gardener's wife shows up out of nowhere, shouting about how she killed Mr. Louise and her own husband. In a scuffle she shoots and kills Florence, then dusty shows up on the scene just in time to shoot the gardener's wife.

Project Type: Television (30 min)

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