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An average high schooler goes on her everyday life-- going on social media and doing homework. However, strange sets of numbers kept on appearing in her everyday things: on her book, telephone, computer and more. Her life soon changed when she discovered she was being targeted by a secret sector of the government called "Thread" for her inherent ability to decode lengthy algorithms from the top of her head. She's been getting masked phone calls from an anonymous callers. She soon realized that they weren't just any normal numbers: they were nuclear bomb launch codes. She does everything in her power to not involve her loved ones and obtain the nuclear launch codes before the government gets to her.

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Just some creeper. Just leave it.
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With that said, Phoebie was getting irritated by the second and immediately hung up on the phone.
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I find that hard to believe.
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Around four o'clock in the afternoon, Phoebie's group of friends gather to hang out and drink coffee at a nearby park. PHOEBIE, although very studious decides to play with her friends. Her friends plays tag. One of her friends from the benches calls out to PHOEBIE.

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