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inspired by LIFE
deep thoughts deep things deep
all that jazzzzzzz

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LadyLipz edited an action in "GoodGirls" on 12/06/2008. LadyLipz made 61 other changes. more
US pays and drives away. zoom out across desert with car driving. Free Falling is playing. END SCENE.
OHHEATHCLIFF joined the project! on 12/05/2008. more
LadyLipz added dialogue in "Girls in the Bathroom" on 12/05/2008. LadyLipz made 7 other changes. more
(overlapping, with a giggle)
Sorry, 'Breasts.'
In the forum, LadyLipz replied to hey team on 12/05/2008. more
Please be considerate of others and do not boast of "sneaking" semen into your friends foods. While you may not have HIV, someone else may and not know it yet, they may read your comments and think, hey what a great idea!!! [ 2 responses ] ps go...
In the forum, leelee replied to hey team on 12/05/2008. more
2 many hapas in the world yes i am interested to see where she goes but h8 2 burst ur bubble but gellAr

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