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23 unread messages. Opens message from 'Lisa'. 'Can you get back to us as soon as possible - your phone isn't on, mike said you left matrix without telling anyone. Just get back to me whenever you read this'. Opens reply. Lisa I need you to ring the police. I don't know where I am, some guy seems to be holding me here. I'm being completely serious and I don't think its a joke.' Sees friend on chat, opens chatbox. David, I need you to ring Lisa, tell her I'm on emails. ... Yo, what's going on. ... I don't know but I think I've been kidnapped. I'm not messing around. If you can't get in touch with Lisa I need you to ring the police. I can't remember leaving the club, I remember waking up with a stonking headache, had a blindfold on, we drove for a while, then when I was left and I took the blindfold on I'm in this kind of office. I don't know what the fuck's going on. There's this weird, I mean really weird, guy next to me. He's lying down at the moment. He says that he's the one that's keeping me here but he doesn't know how to get us out. You still there. ... Yes I'm still here. ... I PROMISE you I'm not making this up. ... Are you serious? I mean, if you're serious, I'll do all this. ... Yes I'm completely serious. Why have you got an email connection. Can't you find out where you are? How would I do that? ... Type where am i into google? ... - google - where am i - ... It says I'm in China. Well you can't be in China. Yes well that's fucking obvious isn't it. Sorry.
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