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This is a depiction of the life of Noah Claypole

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theohannan inserted dialogue in "scene 4" on 12/19/2011. theohannan made 5 other changes. more
We'll just take some of the Sowerberry's money. They've got enough saved up... they won't even miss it.
aliciaxadrienne added an action in "scene 5" on 12/19/2011. more
Erica leaves the alley a few minutes later with a blood stain on her white v-neck. She returns to her meeting with the baker as soon as possible, discussing her business.
aliciaxadrienne edited dialogue in "scene 5" on 12/18/2011. aliciaxadrienne made 65 other changes. more
is that right? well, i'm not a gnarly old man, i guess. and, no, obviously not. like a baker needs drugs. i'm more vital than that.
madidlouhy added dialogue in "SCENE 3" on 12/18/2011. madidlouhy made 73 other changes. more
Noah doesn't answer. His mother never calls. In the morning Mr. Sowerberry has Noah up to many chores and in return they let him stay another night. They continue on this pattern for about four years.
aliciaxadrienne added dialogue in "Noah grows older" on 12/18/2011. aliciaxadrienne made 18 other changes. more
yes, they attend funerals and such events.

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