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Manny and Joe are talking to girls in the fraternity basement when Manny starts to insult girls. Joe takes him out of the house when they start to have a conversation.

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The team gathers around the team leader.
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Johnny (cont.)
You die Manny. You get shot right there, right between the eyes. I try to step back but so much of me wants to continue off that train...I jump down walk up to the officer...he puts the gun to my head...then i woke up.
HaroldRosenbluth added dialogue in "Train Dream" on 11/14/2013. HaroldRosenbluth made 15 other changes. more
We're standing at 30th street station. The departure board is changing flipping through the cities and numbers. We're headed to New York.
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No Joe don't start. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter do you not realize that?
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Just pull the trigger.

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